Joe Finch is a multi-disciplined artist. As a photographer, he has worked with renowned celebrities. Some of the world’s biggest DJ’s have had their portraits taken by Joe in his Amsterdam studio. Joe is the creative force behind various advertising campaigns. As the son of Paul Meijer, co-founder of rebel ad agency ‘The Merge’, creativity has been a staple part
of his diet for as long as he can remember.
Joe is also an acclaimed DJ and producer. He produces along with the best the DJ-world
has to offer and is often asked to play at international festivals.
In recent years, Joe’s legions of dedicated fans have demanded to see more of his challenging photographic works. Thanks to an irrepressible urge to create new styles, Joe began
immersing himself in Old Masters, modifying them with his idiosyncratic touch.
When viewing these works, one quickly discovers his at once subtle and impactful statements.

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